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Triple E Committee

The technical decision on Triple E accreditation for a qualification is vested in an independent body, the Triple E Committee. This accreditation committee reports directly to the EBTN Board of Directors.


The Triple E Committee consists of 2 external members and 1 EBTN representative, who chairs the committee. On request the Triple E Committee can be supported by an independent external expert concerning the content of the qualification. The external members are independent of providers of training and/or qualifications.


The Triple E Committee evaluates if the application meets the requisites provided in the guidelines for a Triple E qualification as described in EBTN’s Triple E Standard. Applications are based on self-evaluation performed by an applicant, using the accreditation application form. The main task of the Triple E Committee is the assessment of applications for a Triple E accreditation. Based on this assessment report the Triple E Committee takes the technical decision regarding the accreditation of the qualification. Eventually the EBTN Board of Directors has to approve this decision.


The Triple E Committee is also responsible for the (re-)accreditation of Triple E EFCB.


The Triple E Committee is composed by the following persons:

Mr. Colin Morrison (UK) - Interim Chair

Mr. Michal Baca (Slovakia) - Member

Mrs. Marijke Dashorst (Netherlands) - Member

Mr. Clemens Spoorenberg (Netherlands) - Member

Mrs. Mariola Szymanska-Koszczyc (Poland) - Member